Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is a very different Zelda game that anyone has every played. It is the first open world Zelda game, and with it comes many different concepts that truly set it apart from its predecessors. It has so much content and detail put into it that its a game that can easily exceed 100 hours of play time and still not complete everything it has to offer.

As a new adventure awaits link after waking up in a time chamber for over 90 years he embarks on saving hyrule once again from Ganon. However, this time he must relearn the memories of his past and become the great hero he once was. So many elements of this Zelda game are different the predecessors. The open world environment and the way Link traverses the world using a stat called stamina bring in new possibilities that otherwise would not be seen in other games.

Gathering,exploration,fighting,questing,crafting, and so much more are available to be done in this game that its hard not to enjoy the well crafted gameplay Nintendo has created. The story is also very interesting and different than other games of its kind but stays true to its form in the end. Breath of the Wild is a unique take on Zelda and if your a fan of those games of the past, it is a must by for the excitement that awaits from playing another Zelda adventure.



Battlefield 1

Set in the era of World War I, Battlefield looks to give a very intense perspective on just how unfathomable the Great War was. The campaigns compelling visuals and gameplay environment set to truly help gamers of this generation understand just how immense and important the first world war really was. This is just one aspect of the game that battlefield 1 brings to the table in terms of content. However, this is not the one aspect many people buy the game for.

With Battlefield, comes multiplayer FPS, and DICE, the Developer, excels in what it does best. The polished the engine Frostbite, which runs the games coding, and made it look even more glorious than previous installments to the series. Going back in time and using old school tanks and guns in a dynamic graphical environment really sets the immersion when playing a game of sixty-four players in an all out war.

The game however personally is not exciting enough to bring me to play it all the time because of the amount of First Person Shooters I have played in my day. The game doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the genre other than the great semblance it brings to the war. Overall many people do enjoy it and it is a well constructed game to warrant a purchase.


Another game developed by Blizzard takes aim on my list of ten overviews of games, comes hearthstone. This game is most certainly unique as well as its one of the better online card games out there and the amount of methodically playing that ensues is a lot of fun when learned. Hearthstone excels at being a fun casual yet completive game with cards of lore from blizzards past games such as World of Warcraft. It brings cards and spells with all different types of abilities that impact the playing board that bring a sense of nostalgia and fun to new and old players of the Warcraft universe.

The game is structured around thirty card decks which you choose to construct from a wide array of cards. More and more expansions of cards are added every few months and help to keep the current environment of types of decks and gameplay fresh. While the game is a free to play model it does have pay to win elements in it unfortunately. Unless you want to grind countless hours of gold to buy packs and stay relevant you pretty much have to pay up a bit of money to be able to be competitive in the ranks of Hearthstone. However, this is no different than any other card game in recent memory. Magic the Gathering is extremely expensive card game that comes to mind when trying to construct a powerful deck and hearthstone is actually pretty lenient when it comes to bang for buck.  If you enjoy card games I definitely recommend giving this a try especially since it is free and very well developed.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a game classified as a Mobile Online Battle Arena, or better known as a MOBA. These type of games are third person strategy games where you play as certain champions with 5 people on a team vs 5 others. The amount of possibilities of team compositions is endless with around 135 champions in the games roster and counting.

Typically a match lasts around 20-40 minutes and the games are a battle of resources and each other. With objectives such as a dragon, Giant alien worm, Towers of control, a Nexus and others, many of which give buffs for your team when defeated, the game has a lot to be contested and conquered over.

The game is a lot of fun when played with friends and the amount of strategy that can be implemented in this game is unreal. All champions have four abilities and a passive ability, which means in a game there are twenty-five abilities being used against each other. Havoc ensues in team fights and position and strategy are essential to winning against the other team.

However some downsides to this game do include its toxic community which flame many people for even the slightest mistake, especially when playing in a competitive environment where someone can waste forty minutes of their time due to a loss. I personally recommend playing this game casually and enjoying it for what it is rather than investing a lot of time into competitive but the appeal for it is definitely there. Overall it is a great game with a insanely large community.


Overwatch is unique game in a genre of FPS games usually only with only guns. It takes a big twist on modern fps games and adds a huge variety of weapons, abilities, and strategy on game types to create something truly special. Developed by Blizzard games, this multiplayer game is created by one of the most wealthy and respected developers in the gaming business. What started off as a failed MMO Project pivoted into what we now call Overwatch.

With Twenty-Four Heroes currently and more to be added in the future, the gameplay is mixed with so much variety of team compositions that many games feel fresh and exciting. What is even more is that you can also change your heroe character that you are playing during the game. This is something many games have lacked and adds a new perspective and strategy to how these games play out.

The best part about this game is truly just the amount of variety you are given to play with and how fluid the combat is. This is a game coded and built from an entirely new engine by blizzard and it really shows. The gameplay is flawless in terms of how smooth everything is played out and the communication and awareness is easily accessible. If you’re looking for a great balanced multiplayer with a fresh twist on FPS’s this is the game for you.

The Witcher 3

Few games I have played in my time I can say have been one of the best games I have ever played. The Witcher 3 is by far that game that is most certainly the best of the best since my gaming career. A game critically acclaimed to be a masterpiece, The Witcher is a game driven by amazing writers with a passion for story telling and an immersive world full of life. CD Project Red spared no passion and detail into this game they have created. So much so that even the side quests in this RPG Fantasy world seem like main quests of the story.

The world is gorgeous and exploration is seemingly endless. The combat is fluid and the story is compelling. There is not much to look down upon in this game. Even the Downloadable content provided as expansions play as their own game. In an industry saturated by poor business models of taking advantage of gaming consumers with half-assed content, The Witcher takes its time and crafts something beautiful and immersive.

This game is extremely recommended if you enjoy any form of RPG’s and fantasy games. It is a game that grips you from the start and doesn’t let go. The world and its creatures and enemies you encounter are gripping and intense. The story telling as stated is second to none. Take your time in this game, its well worth it.

Rocket League

Soccer. Cars. Rocket boosting soccer cars. This is Rocket League. Developed by Psyonix, this game brings a unique formula to a familiar sport with incredibly fun gameplay. The versatility you are given allows for a wide array of unique ways to score goals.You can do arial shots by hitting your car against a large soccer ball or try to shoot past other defenders on the ground. What ever you are doing in this online arena, Rocket League excites.

A game that is easy to pick up but incredibly hard to master, Rocket League challenges you in a lot of ways. The accuracy of having to properly position yourself to hit the ball in itself is a feat in its own at times, even with a simple objective as scoring a goal against the enemy team. It is such a simple concept yet complex is its possibilities of what can happen during a game against others.

Rocket League sets out to be different than other games. In a time where First Person Shooters and Third Person Shooters are saturated so heavily in the gaming market, Rocket League is a breath of fresh air.

Currently the game comes out with new content every few months and most of it is free. It has around eight game modes which are all unique in one way or another. I highly recommend this game as it is only twenty dollars as well. If you are looking for a new online competitive or casual experience, this is most certainly the game for you.