Overwatch is unique game in a genre of FPS games usually only with only guns. It takes a big twist on modern fps games and adds a huge variety of weapons, abilities, and strategy on game types to create something truly special. Developed by Blizzard games, this multiplayer game is created by one of the most wealthy and respected developers in the gaming business. What started off as a failed MMO Project pivoted into what we now call Overwatch.

With Twenty-Four Heroes currently and more to be added in the future, the gameplay is mixed with so much variety of team compositions that many games feel fresh and exciting. What is even more is that you can also change your heroe character that you are playing during the game. This is something many games have lacked and adds a new perspective and strategy to how these games play out.

The best part about this game is truly just the amount of variety you are given to play with and how fluid the combat is. This is a game coded and built from an entirely new engine by blizzard and it really shows. The gameplay is flawless in terms of how smooth everything is played out and the communication and awareness is easily accessible. If you’re looking for a great balanced multiplayer with a fresh twist on FPS’s this is the game for you.


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