League of Legends

League of Legends is a game classified as a Mobile Online Battle Arena, or better known as a MOBA. These type of games are third person strategy games where you play as certain champions with 5 people on a team vs 5 others. The amount of possibilities of team compositions is endless with around 135 champions in the games roster and counting.

Typically a match lasts around 20-40 minutes and the games are a battle of resources and each other. With objectives such as a dragon, Giant alien worm, Towers of control, a Nexus and others, many of which give buffs for your team when defeated, the game has a lot to be contested and conquered over.

The game is a lot of fun when played with friends and the amount of strategy that can be implemented in this game is unreal. All champions have four abilities and a passive ability, which means in a game there are twenty-five abilities being used against each other. Havoc ensues in team fights and position and strategy are essential to winning against the other team.

However some downsides to this game do include its toxic community which flame many people for even the slightest mistake, especially when playing in a competitive environment where someone can waste forty minutes of their time due to a loss. I personally recommend playing this game casually and enjoying it for what it is rather than investing a lot of time into competitive but the appeal for it is definitely there. Overall it is a great game with a insanely large community.


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