Another game developed by Blizzard takes aim on my list of ten overviews of games, comes hearthstone. This game is most certainly unique as well as its one of the better online card games out there and the amount of methodically playing that ensues is a lot of fun when learned. Hearthstone excels at being a fun casual yet completive game with cards of lore from blizzards past games such as World of Warcraft. It brings cards and spells with all different types of abilities that impact the playing board that bring a sense of nostalgia and fun to new and old players of the Warcraft universe.

The game is structured around thirty card decks which you choose to construct from a wide array of cards. More and more expansions of cards are added every few months and help to keep the current environment of types of decks and gameplay fresh. While the game is a free to play model it does have pay to win elements in it unfortunately. Unless you want to grind countless hours of gold to buy packs and stay relevant you pretty much have to pay up a bit of money to be able to be competitive in the ranks of Hearthstone. However, this is no different than any other card game in recent memory. Magic the Gathering is extremely expensive card game that comes to mind when trying to construct a powerful deck and hearthstone is actually pretty lenient when it comes to bang for buck.  If you enjoy card games I definitely recommend giving this a try especially since it is free and very well developed.


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