Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is a very different Zelda game that anyone has every played. It is the first open world Zelda game, and with it comes many different concepts that truly set it apart from its predecessors. It has so much content and detail put into it that its a game that can easily exceed 100 hours of play time and still not complete everything it has to offer.

As a new adventure awaits link after waking up in a time chamber for over 90 years he embarks on saving hyrule once again from Ganon. However, this time he must relearn the memories of his past and become the great hero he once was. So many elements of this Zelda game are different the predecessors. The open world environment and the way Link traverses the world using a stat called stamina bring in new possibilities that otherwise would not be seen in other games.

Gathering,exploration,fighting,questing,crafting, and so much more are available to be done in this game that its hard not to enjoy the well crafted gameplay Nintendo has created. The story is also very interesting and different than other games of its kind but stays true to its form in the end. Breath of the Wild is a unique take on Zelda and if your a fan of those games of the past, it is a must by for the excitement that awaits from playing another Zelda adventure.



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