Battlefield 1

Set in the era of World War I, Battlefield looks to give a very intense perspective on just how unfathomable the Great War was. The campaigns compelling visuals and gameplay environment set to truly help gamers of this generation understand just how immense and important the first world war really was. This is just one aspect of the game that battlefield 1 brings to the table in terms of content. However, this is not the one aspect many people buy the game for.

With Battlefield, comes multiplayer FPS, and DICE, the Developer, excels in what it does best. The polished the engine Frostbite, which runs the games coding, and made it look even more glorious than previous installments to the series. Going back in time and using old school tanks and guns in a dynamic graphical environment really sets the immersion when playing a game of sixty-four players in an all out war.

The game however personally is not exciting enough to bring me to play it all the time because of the amount of First Person Shooters I have played in my day. The game doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the genre other than the great semblance it brings to the war. Overall many people do enjoy it and it is a well constructed game to warrant a purchase.


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