Horizon Zero Dawn

With many great new releases being thrown out in 2017, I have found myself playing one in particular quite a lot. Horizon Zero Dawn has caught my attention and many others as a game that stands apart from all others coming out as of this generation of games. It sets its self apart in many way and yet holds onto structural standards from its open world RPG predecessors.

With an interesting premise of robots from the past and a primitive human race searching for answers about the machine world of old, the main character Aloy searches for answers relentlessly as she uncovers astounding mysteries of the past that only lead to more questions. The setting of primitive human culture with machine animals and monsters is played out very well in this new open world RPG. Its a fresh idea with a great execution throughout. Publisher Guerrilla Games, which spent nearly six years in development on this game, bring an extremely well polished game to its audience and it immediately shows. Horizon is the first game that truly takes potential of next generation hardware and the engine that runs the game shows what is truly capable in terms of graphical potential on a Playstation 4 original and Pro.

The world is captivating with gorgeous visuals but that is only the icing on the cake of this game. The feeling of fighting machines with a variety of bow and arrows and other means takes for an unfamiliar combat experience that its a great addition to the stale current ideas thrown out in many games nowadays. Mix all this in with the excellent side missions and even greater main story missions, Horizon feels like a full polished game that sets its self apart from other lazy developers that put half effort into their games, release them, and then sell DLC and other means of fulfilling their already release game.

I highly recommend giving this game a try if you own a PS4 as it is an exclusive for the console. Its new perspective and its amazing lush open world of mystery and metal make for a very enjoyable experience that left me wanting more. I highly recommend it.


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